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Austin, TX, United States
Hi all, Welcome to my Work Blog. I specialize in Animation, Motion Capture, Combat Design, Concept Art, and Video Editing

2014 Animation Demo Reel

2012 Motion Capture Demo Reel

Tactical Choreography Reel

2010 Acting and Puppeteering Reel


Light Saber Choreograph

2010 Stunts and Choreography Reel

"The Lantern"

"The Lantern"
This was my college graduation piece I did with stunt man Iram Choi

2012 Summer Resume

David T. Peng

Performance Animator

My Mission:

I am a game artist that specializes in cutting edge state flow game animations, using hand keyed animation, acting/stunts, and motion capture pipeline experience. My ambition is to find teams that are driven to tell great stories and experiences through strong writing, voice acting, and physical expression. On set, I am specialized in; physical performance/stunt work, audition coordination, fight and tactical choreography and consulting, set/prop fabrication, creature puppeteering, and safety coordination. Behind the desk, I do layout planning, data cleanup and rough/final post animation for quality deliveries. I do hand keyed animation and motion capture editing.

Production Skills Include:

- State Flow Animation Game Design and Game Combat Theory: Rapid prototype development and conceptualist for game play/cinematic previs approval processes. Clear understanding of natural

AI interactive movement (combat and living city), and driving player vs. ai character combat. I have 7 in-game fully functional projects under my belt that are either shipped, or in various stages of development.

I've done it for Games:
"Uncharted" Series (Legacy Pipeline)
"The Last of Us" (Legacy Pipeline)
"PREY 2"
"Call of Duty" (Consulting, Production)

I did similar prototyping for Film:
"Matrix 2 and 3"
"Blade 2"
"Lord of the Rings" Series
"The One"

-3D Character Animation: 12 years experience in creating hand keyed character, creature, vehicle, and camera animations. I primarily use motion builder and maya to get the job done. I am able to flow back and fourth fluently between hand key and mocap...

-3D Motion Capture Production: Specialization in Final Body Animation Deliveries. 11 years experience in: planning, choreographing, directing, capturing, shooting, cleaning, solving, editing, and final delivery of animation scenes with motion capture. Design and Development of Stunt Safe Virtual Wirework.

-3D Character Animation

-Motion Capture Creature Puppeteering

-In-House Motion Capture Performance: Fight Choreography: 15 years of experience in written and finished action choreographs for demonstrations, motion capture performances for television, film, and video games. I specialize in Virtual Wire Work planning, falls, hit reactions, creatures, tactical choreography, western fighting, and asian fight choreography. My combat training is in; progressive fighting systems systems (MMA, Muay Thai, Kali, Krav Maga, Wing Chun), traditional martial arts (chinese, south asian, wrestling, korean, japanese), and (most importantly…) adaptable/natural movement.

-Tactical Choreography: Currently training in US Army field, communications, and CQB (close quarter battle) room clearing.

-Talent Acquisition: auditioning, and technique/ safety training and coordination

-Pre-vis Rapid Prototyping: Cinematic Design and Development: (Game Mechanic Concept Demos, Character Signature Reel Pre-vis, Press Promo Videos, Rehearsal Sign Off Animatics)

-3D Motion Capture: Post Editing (Motion Builder), Solving (MAS - Solver), and Data Cleaning (Cortex), familiar following systems; MAS, Vicon, Giant Studios, Moven, Cyber Glove.

-Motion Capture Prop Fabrication (foam safety, wood, PVC, OCEA), and Virtual Set Building.

-Illustration (Pre-Vis Storyboarding & Sketch Concept Design)


Maya, Motion Builder, Motion Analysis "Cortex", Motion Analysis Solver, Nuance, Vicon Workstation, Sumatra/XSI(beta tester for early versions), 3D Max, Character Studio, Photoshop, After FX, Painter 3D, Spider Render Farm Software, Final Cut Pro, Avid, Flint, Sound Forge, Premiere, After FX, Sony Vegas, Perforce, BAM (proprietary).

Additional Skills:

Traditional Illustration: pencil, charcoal, pen and ink, colored pencil, and water color.

Concept Artist: Environments, Creatures, and Prop designs for Indy Film, TV, and Game Design

Work Experience:

Nine Realms / Nintendo:

design and development for upcoming ip

Human Head Studios / Bethesda GameWorks: I am currently designing and developing ip prototype projects and developing a production ready motion capture pipeline for Human Head Studios. Project in development: PREY 2

SCEA: Motion Capture Body Animator and Motion Capture Performer. Projects included: Killzone 3, Infamous 2, UNCHARTED 3, SOCOM 4, Starhawk Spring 2010 to Fall 2011.

Raven Software: Worked on Singularity, and other upcoming projects. My main roles are creature performance, stunts, planning, and safety coordination. I oversee the quality assurance for the motion capture department. Additional roles include: rapid prototype development, virtual set planning, motion capture session directing, fight choreography, tactical choreography, physical acting, creature puppeteering, stunt work, performance/stunt talent training, safety coordination, post data cleaning-solving, post motion editing, hand keyed animation, video editing, safety prop fabrication, and talent scouting. Fall 2006 to Spring 2010.

Naughty Dog Entertainment: Animation and experimental state flow combat, , navigation, traversal, and combat gameplay integration for next generation game theory "Uncharted" Drakes Fortune, along with motion capture pipeline setup and development, in-game animation and FMA cinematic’s, performance animation, fight / tactical choreographer and consultant, storyboarding and editing. Stunt Performance (one of 3 performers roto-referenced and motion captured for main character "Drake" and pirates). Feb 2004 to 2006.

Sony Imageworks: Motion Capture rough and final Integrator for "The Polar Express", winter 2003 to 2004.

Midway/Atari: Pre-Rendered and in-game Cinematic development, specifically character setup, character animation, motion capture editing, creature puppeteering, performance animation, fight choreography, modeling, and concept design for the cinematic’s department and game development. Winter 2002 to winter 2003.

Animation and experimental state flow combat, navigation, traversal, and combat gameplay integration for next generation game theory.

Acclaim Studios: motion capture editing and motion capture pipeline development. Summer 2001 to 2002.

Giant Studios: character animator, conceptual artist, motion editor, and motion capture performer, fall 1999 to summer 2001

Production Work with Break Downs:

Recent Games:

PREY 2: Currently in development...

Killzone 3: Final Body Animation, Motion Capture Sequence Lead, Assembly Artist, Tactical Consultant, Stand in Performer, Safety Coordinator

InFamous 2: Final Body Animation, Key Post Solve Body Composition Fixer, Motion Capture Performer

SOCOM 4: Motion Capture Performer, Tactical Consultant (2nd Unit)

Uncharted 3: Performer

"Call of Duty" Black Ops: Set Rigging, Data Cleaning, Tactical Consultant 2nd Unit Trainer all actors and Performers, additional tactical choreographer, fight choreography, and stuntman for both in-game scripted events and in-game cinematics.

"Bond" Blood Stone: In-house performer for main character and bad guys, fight style research and tactical choreography, and stunts for both in-game scripted events and in-game cinematics. Test Choreography and Performances Approved by DanJaq LLC. All assets for Raven were transferred to the BloodStone Project.

"Singularity" In-house performer for main character and bad guys, tactical choreography, and stunts for both in-game scripted events and in-game cinematics.

"Wolfenstein" In-house performer for main character and bad guys, tactical choreography, and stunts for both in-game scripted events and in-game cinematics.

"X-Men Origins Wolverine": Motion Capture double for Hugh Jackman, tactical choreographer, fight choreographer, and stuntman for both in-game scripted events and in-game cinematics.

"Uncharted" Drakes Fortune: please see above

Films / TV:

"MONK" TV series (2 episodes): Jobs included: martial arts choreography in both hard and soft styles (tae kwon do and chen style tai chi).

"The Polar Express": Jobs Included: Rough and Final Motion Capture integration of facial and body data.

"Samson" Independent Film: 3D modeling, lighting, animation of the spiders. Shown at Cannes Film Festival 2002

"Cackle" Independent Film- Jobs included: 3D character animation of the spider and 3D match moving by hand.

"Armored Kung Fu Test" Early pre-vis test for "The Matrix 2 & 3"- Jobs included: Conceptual design, Illustration, Performance Animation, Modeling, Motion Editing, Story Boarding, and Fight Choreography, and Stunt man. This project was the demo test for four major film and video game projects.

"Fruits of Labor" Independent Film- Jobs included: character animation, Story Boarding, Character Design, Original Sound Design, Illustration, Field Research. Shown at the 2002 Siggraph Electronic Theater.

"Toonami Tom Show" 2001. TV intermission spots for Cartoon Network- Jobs included: performance animator, storyboard artist, character animator.

"Ape Escape" 2000 Commercial Spot for Cartoon Network. - Jobs included: character animator, 3D layout.

"Sempiternal" 1998 Independent Film-Jobs included: designing fight choreography, storyboarding, and 3d effects animation and compositing, and stunt man.

"The Lantern" 1997 Independent Film- Jobs included: costume design and construction; fight choreography, set design, grip, and stunt man.

"GundamWing" Commercial Spot for Cartoon Network- Jobs included: storyboarding, character animation.

"Crash Bandicoot...CrashBash" 2001 commercial for Cartoon Network- Jobs included: story boarding, character animation.

"Lord of the Rings" 2000. R&D motion performance tests-hired by Giant Studios to test the limits of the new motion capture virtual rigs being used for the trilogy. Job included: performance animation R&D.

Awards and Note Worthy Points:

2009 SPIKE VGA AWARD (best human male motion captured performance in video game)

2009 Raven Award

2010 Kotaku Ten Most Memorable Moments in a Video Game “Singularity” - Burning Man.

2005 "UNCHARTED"Discovered and helped to Develop Drakes Core Signature Gameplay style, look and interactive feel. The discovery seamlessly mixed Motion Capture and Hand Keyed elements together and has now become an industry standard for Current and Next Gen Games.


Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree in Computer Art from the Savannah College of Art and Design

Graduated Spring of 1998


Prop and Costume Building, Airsoft, Drawing, Movies, Video Games, Martial Arts, MMA, and Independent Film.

Production Photos


Tactical Training for actors

2012 Animation Reel